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1. Archive Research
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For the last twenty years, I have traveled several times a year to Poland and the republics of the former Soviet Union where I work in the archives on behalf of clients. There, I may find, literally, hundreds of records for you.

Research Assignment
Research your family names in state and local archives
Extract family data in the form of summary translations
Obtain photo copies (where permitted and when requested by client)
archival documents

Types of Documents
Research is available for the following types of documents:
Birth, marriage, death and divorce records
Family lists and lists of inhabitants
Draft registrations and tax lists
Property records and notary records
Jewish community (Kahal) records
Immigration list, school records and business directories

Terms of research assignment
Each assignment is conducted pursuant to letter agreement signed by client and Routes to Roots and includes description of documents to be searched, family names of client and financial terms.

How long does the research process take?
Each assignment generally is completed within three to four months from the time the client authorizes the research process.

How much does the research process cost?
The cost of each research assignment is based on a number of factors including:
How much material must be researched (time span)
How many different archives (in different cities and/or countries)
   must be searched
How large the town was (Jewish population)
How many family names client wishes researched
How common/unique the family names are

What do the charges include?
Administrative time (obtaining family data and archive research    authorization letter from client)
Research process
Summary translation of material
Computer data entry, report and analysis

Specific price quotes are provided after the research assignment is defined and pursuant to the above criteria.



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