Tracing Jewish Roots in Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

 Biography Briefs:

» First Jewish genealogist certified by the Board
    for Certification of Genealogists

» Syndicated columnist of Roots and Branches
   published in over 100 Jewish newspapers and

» Acclaimed lecturer throughout the United States
   and abroad

» Co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy

» Author of Jewish Roots in Poland

» Author of Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova

» Former Executive Director of the American
   Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors

» President of Routes to Roots, a customized
   travel/research service in Poland & the former
   Soviet Union

» Creator of the Eastern European Archival Database
   which includes Jewish and civil records from archives in
   Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova and Ukraine --
   See Routes to Roots Foundation

» Senior Advisor for Genealogy Services
   in the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute
   at the Center for Jewish History

» Miriam Weiner is awarded "Emeritus Status" by the    Board for Certification of Genealogists, based upon    her 30 years as a Certified Genealogist and her    accomplishments in the field (December 2015).
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